Welcome to JNReports!!


Hello and Welcome to JNReports. Independent Reporting from Chicago Illinois Fema Region 5.

JNReports is founded by Julio N Rausseo. A graduate of Western Illinois University in 2011 majoring in Broadcasting and minoring in Sociology. Before JNReport, I formed Students United Peacefully Radio from 2010-2011, SUP was a one of a kind college radio program, mixing the progressive radio free for all music format made popular in the 1970s and tying the reporting of government corruption. Fed up with Corporate Media’s reporting during and following the 2008 Presidential elections, I decided for focus my attention away from Sports Broadcasting and focus on what JFK asked for during the Speech that Killed Kennedy in April of 1961 and report and expose the elite and government corruption. This site is intended to cover the facts without the gate keeping. JNReports lives by the motto of Setting the Course for your Mind; you the individual decides if its important to become politically active, to take action, or to sit tight and ignore the information presented. JNReports is a Research Advocacy news source, encouraging you the reader to become an active researcher, do not believe everything you hear on corporate media and vet but you hear. The more the know, the less they can get away with.


For any questions, news tips, or stories you would JNReports to Cover Please send an email at JNReports@hushmail.me

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