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TSA Welcome Romney Supporters at Iowa Campaign Stop

While making a campaign stop in Van Meter, Iowa, Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney needed an additional layer of security to feel safe speaking to Iowa farmers. Accompany Romney were members of the Transportation Security Administration. You read correctly, members of the TSA were present making sure citizens were safe and secure while attending Romney’s Campaign event. This is not the the first time, however that TSA brought their traveling peep show to a Romney sponsored event. Back in late August, Reporter Javier Manjarres spotted TSA agents checking bags of Romney Supporters during Paul Ryan’s first campaign stop in The Villages, Florida. Manjarres spoke about this issue during an August appearance on Through the Mirror.  Through the Mirror.

Independent Reporter and founder of The Redhead Writes twitted TSA’s appearance while covering Romney’s Iowa pit stop.

JNReports contacted this reporter via a series of tweets to confirm this encounter. She confirms that TSA agents were searching through bags, examining peoples electronics, and that bomb sniffing dogs were present. However she adds that there was no airport style pat downs nor unwanted touching by agents.



The reporter also mentions when she asked where these TSA agents were form, they admitted D.C.

The big question is, why? Why, number 1 are we seeing TSA agents at Political events in the first place? 2, Why would Romney and his campaign support the agents coming to his event in Iowa? Was Romney that concern about the 1,067 residents that call Van Meter home? And third, will Americans continue to allow TSA to go anywhere it pleases without speaking out against it, or are Americans already accustom to their presence?